The story of Biocéane began in 1997. Sylvie LORRE, having obtained a PhD in food microbiology on the characterisation of lactic acid bacteria isolated from fish, jointly financed by IFREMER and the Pays de la Loire region, discovered the ferment LLO, a protective ferment to improve food preservation. This discovery was rewarded by a Nantes prize for women in 1998 (article PO 1998). In 2000, she was joined by Patrice DANIEL, a doctor in microbiology at Nantes University and a specialist in the selection of wine yeasts. This partnership resulted in a business venture nurtured by Atlanpole.

Thanks to the support of Atlanpole, the two researchers were able to file a patent to protect the use of the ferment LLO and to take part in a competition for the creation of innovative companies. In this way, they obtained the necessary funds to set up the Biocéane company in 2001 (article Atlanpole en brèves).

The following year, Biocéane was awarded the INPI (French intellectual property office) trophy for innovation (article l'Hebdo 2002)..

In 2003, a new prize, the "Conseil Général de Loire Atlantique Challenge", enabled the company to move to new premises in a business incubator at Saint-Herblain (article Conseil Général magazine 2003, PO Sept 2003)..

The same year, the development of Biocéane was also supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire which awarded the company the Biotech trophy (article OF Sept 2003).

Biocéane is involved in scientific collaborations with IFREMER, ONIRIS, INRA, ADIV, CITPPM, and Nouvelles Vagues.

In parallel with its research work on bio-preservation, Biocéane has expanded its services; first to brewers in 2003 and then to winemakers in 2009. It now regularly carries out specialised microbiological studies and various microbiological tests to meet the needs of French and European clients.