Press review

Press review

A natural preservation process

In Nantes, the company “Pêcheries Océanes” has adopted it for fresh scallops.

Less histamine thanks to a ferment

When treated with a lactic acid bacteria ferment, fresh tuna loins have a histamine content up to ten times lower than untreated loins.

Biopreservation, ferments fight against pathogens

he protective lactic acid bacteria ferments are proving effective on seafood products.

These start-ups who have found blue gold

The ferment LLO... is an effective way to fight against listeria.

This lactic acid bacteria ferment... slows the growth of bacteria naturally...

Miti is the first company to “biopreserve” their products in this way. They sell cooked prawns which keep perfectly fresh for two weeks instead of one.

The ferments of Biocéane preserve

A remarkable discovery for every link of the export chain of the food industry.

Biocéane the start-up which keeps that fresh flavour ...

is revolutionising food preservation techniques by using lactic acid bacteria.